Mr. Moylan

This is an informational site for Mr. Moylan a computer science teacher at North County High School

#### Mr. Moylan

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### About
I live in Baltimore City, and teaches computer science at North County High School in Glen Burnie.  I began teaching in 
2015 at South River High School and joined the north county nights in 2019.  I teache AP Computer Science A, AP Computer 
Science Principles, Intro to Web Design, Into to Python, and Math and Scientific Modeling.

Before switching careers to teaching in 2015 I Spent 8 years in web and software development.   He loved working in web 
development but was passionate about teaching. He now takes his experience from that and shares it with his students.  

### Teaching Philosophy
I believe all students have the capacity for learning and success.  I do not believe that all students have been given an 
equitable chance to succeed and make every effort to bring equity to the student in my classes.  I also believe learning is 
continuous and never stops I want to help students become life long learners.  I also believe that failure is often a 
necessity in learning, and believe in multiple opportunities to show mastery of learning.

### Interests
I love cooking and try out new vegan recipes on a regular basis.  I also loves getting outdoors: Camping, Biking, Swimming, 
Triathlons.  You can find me riding my bike, and sometimes my electric skateboard all over the streets and trails in the 
Baltimore area.  I honed my ping pong skills while "working" in web development and will take on any student challenger but 
they don't often prevail.  I no longer plays basketball much, due to knee problems, but enjoys a good game of horse.  You 
can also often find me playing games after school with the board game club.

### Extra curricular
I am the sponsor for the Cyber Security Club where we teach students basics (and very advanced) skills related to cyber 
security.  Students will compete in local and nation wide cyber competitions.

I also work on organizing students for competitive programming, app development competitions, and Math Modeling